Searching for Soilse inspirationToday the temperate is threatening to reach double digits so I gathered the kids, wrapped them up (its still Ireland) and headed to our local beach in search of treasure.

We are lucky enough to live just over a mile from a beautiful stretch of golden sand which is often deserted.

The Soilse boys combing the beach

This is my little way of involving the kids in the business as the treasure we gather then becomes the natural embellishment to Soilse's eco-luxe packaging. All the little eyes are trained to choose only perfect small cockles, limpets and driftwood which wash up on the shore, and hide in the rock pools. While my 9 year old daughter Jenna is now an expert at this, the boys seem to prefer to find the smelliest seaweed and jelly fish or some poor crab with half a leg hanging off to present to me.

Once home, all our (edited!) findings are scrubbed and soaked in soap and water before being dried and eventually adorned on our hand packaged candles which we pack and ship all over the world.

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