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About Soilse

Soilse (meaning light or brightness in Gaelic) is a word that evokes stillness, comfort and warmth.

As an Irish designer who recently returned to these shores after 11 years in New York, I was inspired and overwhelmed by the outstanding beauty which I have re-discovered living in the countryside with my husband and family. This is something I wanted to capture and share with the world, combining light, warmth and comfort with memory, inspiration and home.

Every Soilse Irish Candle awakens a particular landscape and memory, the scent being a wonderfully tantalizing and evocative fragrance inspired by the natural beauty of the Irish outdoors.

The collection comprises of 6 innovative and invigorating fragranced candles inspired by my travels in Ireland. They are presented in a 7.5 oz recyclable glass and impeccably packaged by hand with luxurious satin ribbon and embellished with foraged finds from the seashore and forest walks making them a truly ideal, versatile and luxurious gift.

All candles in our Irish Candle and Apothecary Collections are lovingly hand poured and made from 100% soy wax, infused with a unique blend of essential oil based fragrances that are all naturally produced and environmentally friendly.


All our candles are made from 100% soy wax, infused with and evoking the unique and captivating fragrances of the Irish Landscape. Subtle, warm and unique; each fragrance is a blend of naturally produced essential oils including lemongrass, orange and enticing spices that awaken memories and inspire dreams of the Irish landscape in all it’s beauty and seasons.


In both our Irish Candle and Apothecary collections there is a choice of fragrances that instill the natural magic and imagination of the ancient Irish landscape and the beauty of it’s wild plants and flowers. From the misty shores of Connemara to the Atlantic blown wilds of Cork to the enchantment of an Irish Christmas, our candles rekindle memories and dreams while creating warmth, comfort and new imaginings.


From ancient monasteries to modern Ireland; candles have a tradition of bringing light and comfort into our lives. They illuminate both our present and our past, evoking memories and transporting us to a different time with their enchanting fragrances. All our candles are poured by hand in a traditional method that spans centuries, connecting us to the past while illuminating our present.
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