Gormanston WoodSpring has arrived at last and here at Soilse we’re embracing the hazy sunshine with a research and development trip to the woods.

The enchanting forest walkways and lush lawns of our local Gormanston castle are where the seeds for an idea which is now Soilse were sown.

This morning the mist has lifted and frost has thawed on the great lawn where the newborn bunnies bound from corner to corner, if you are not careful they will trip you up.

To my delight the wild garlic is in abundance, lining the forest floor and lightly scenting the air with its sweet fresh scent.

Down by the stream colorful yellow, pink and purple primrose are in full bloom and jostle for place with the lush green fern.

It really is such a joy to be in the countryside on such a lovely day so I soak it all up, gather and photograph for inspiration and pack up for home because as we all know in Ireland, the rain is never far away!


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